Celebrating 39 Years!

Time for Change!

After almost 40 years of owning our beloved dance studio, I am announcing my decision to step down as a business owner as of June 2023.  It has been my honor to have been a part of hundreds of lives throughout the years and give thanks to God for all the blessings, adventures, relationships and memories that have been given to me.  But now is the time for an exciting change!

Ms. Diandra Hofer has chosen to carry on our excellent studio program so she is planning and preparing to continue classes going forward along with many of our current staff staying on to co-instruct!  The new name of the studio will be “Haven Arts Collective”.  Also, Diandra and her husband Nathan are in the stages of planning to add to our current dance program while also building new business adventures and cultivating new arts and ministry programs that will create opportunities for so many people in our studio and the community!

What this means is that the same focus on technique, integrity and performance will be kept alive while also changing curriculum and adding new disciplines to make all of our dancers stronger and more advanced.

The decision to step down did not come lightly as dance has been my whole life and I love our students, past and present, so much and only want good things for all.  That’s why I am elated that Diandra and our staff plan to carry on our dance program with the same love, passion and sense of family that we have successfully built over all these years.

So for Registrations, please contact Diandra Hofer at Diandra@havenartscollective.com or go to their new website:  Havenartscollective.com 

Thank you again for everyone who had a part in building and maintaining our beautiful program and I look forward to sharing the future joys with everyone at “Haven”!

Michele Running
Owner, Instructor and Choreographer