Classical Ballet
This dance form is the basis of all dance styles. Our open-syllabus ballet teaches correct body placement and technique while disciplining mind and body. Our ballet classes are educational while recognizing the diverse styles of ballet including, Cecchetti, French, Russian, and American methods, thus creating strong and versatile dancers. With many levels available, Main Stage Ballet will provide proper class placement that will ensure technical and motivational advancement at the appropriate age and ability.   (starting at age 3)

Jazz Dance
Students will build great strength and performance ability through our challenging and extensive jazz exercises.  These classes are intense, athletic and definitely for those who want to stay toned and move with style! Our jazz dance guarantees strong jumps, turns and diverse movement in every dancer.  (starting at age 4)

This style will enhance your overall dance quality by allowing dancers to pull from other class techniques to aid in building passion and articulation in dance expression.  (starting at age 6 – students must attend weekly ballet and  jazz classes in addition to this class)

Hip Hop
Experience the fun of this energetic dance form that incorporates fundamental hip hop ‘street’ moves that welcomes a break from boundaries!  This class explores the constant evolution of hip hop and is great for developing a unique dancing flair or preparing for a dance team.  Men and boys also love to attend this class to help with motor skill development for sports! (starting at age 6)

Adult Classes
Ballet, Stretch, Hip Hop, Zumba and Tap classes available for ages 18 and up! Build strength, poise and flexibility with any of these classes made just for you!

Other classes also offered in rotation (depending on current schedule) are conditioning, Barre Core and Pilates.