Dress Code


Pre-Ballet may wear either a pink or black leotard, pink tights and a PULL ON skirt that is chiffon or light fabric (any color is fine but please, no other netted or cotton skirts allowed). Please secure hair in a ponytail.

Level I thru advanced students wear a solid, black leotard and pink tights (if over 21, you may wear black tights but dress code enforced while taking main stream classes).  Please wear only beige dance bras under all leotards (this means no colored bras or sports bras allowed). Solid black jazz pants or jazz shorts may be worn for all classes other than ballet and pointe. Appropriate shoes must be worn in each class and dance skirts are allowed and encouraged. No sweat pants or t-shirt allowed. Hair must be worn in a bun and short hair ‘pieces’ are to be kept secure during class.

Adult class participants are exempt from dress code but proper coverage is requested.  Those over 18 taking classes other than adult specific classes are asked to adhere to the regular dress code.


Ballet:   Pink Leather Ballet Shoes (split sole for levels VI and up please).
Jazz:  Black Jazz Shoes
Hip Hop: Clean Tennis Shoes or Black Jazz Shoes
Contemporary: Barefoot, 1/2 Shoes or Ballet Shoes

No shorts, sports bras or t-shirts allowed.