Main Stage Celebrates 35 Years!

Main Stage is grateful to every student who has walked through our doors the past 35 years for you have had a hand in making our program so inspiring, educational and long lived.   THANK YOU! – Michele




Presidents Break Feb. 14th – 19th.

Wed. Feb. 20th – 4:15-5:30 – TBA Rehearsal (Michele will contact you), 5:30-6:15 -Pointe,  6:15 Adult Ballet

Please see the following makeup classes: (more to come in April!)
Broadway Beauties:             Saturday, March 30th– 10:00-10:30am Studio B
Jazz II:                                     Saturday, March 30th–  10:30-11:00am – Studio B
Contemp I and II:                  Saturday, March 30th– 1:00-1:45pm – Studio A
Pointe I-III:                             Sunday, March 31st– 11:30-12:30pm – Studio A
Adv. Hip Hop:                        Sunday, March 31st– 12:30-1:30pm – Studio A
Adv Tap:                                 Wednesday, February 13th6:15-7:15pm

Level VII-A:  Please attend Monday, Feb 11th classes from 4:45-8:30pm for Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop

New Enrollments:  To receive our March mailing inclusive of Summer and Fall 2019 schedules, pricing, open house times and more, please email Michele your mailing address!


2019 Schedules

New schedules for summer and fall 2019-2020 out in March 2019!  Please provide your mailing address to us if you would like to receive our new schedules and special tuition discount coupons!