Main Stage Ballet & Dance Academy is recognized for our professional concerts that continue to please local and regional audiences for 35 years. We take the talent of each dancer very seriously and challenge them with innovative and mature dance choreography. Although not mandatory, participation in these concerts serves as an important part of dance education and is a rewarding event for the entire family.

Each concert date is announced at least 5 months in advance. Classical ballets such as “The Nutcracker” , “Cinderella”, “Twelve Dancing Princesses”, “Sleeping Beauty” along with other original jazz and modern concert works are also presented and are a delightful experience for everyone! Other performance opportunities are experienced during special dance presentations, guest artist workshops, local art gatherings, and more.

 NEXT PERFORMANCE:  “Awake to the Dream Escape”  – February 1st at 3pm and 7pm – Belbas Theatre, Washington Pavilion

Past Performances & Original Works (from 2000 to present)

The Nutcracker (2000, 2002, 2004, 2012, December 2018!)
Cinderella (2002)
The City (2000)
Elements (2002 and Completely Redone 2015)
Tango Jazz with Latin Pizzazz (2003)
Scrooge (2003)
East Side, West Side, Our Side! (2004)
Pink Champagne w/Glitz Galore (2005)
To Rio with Love (2006)
The Twelve Dancing Princesses (2007)
Cuban Beats with Moulin Treats (2007)
On Our Own (2008)
Sleeping Beauty (2009 and 2017)
License to Thrill (2009)
Awake to the Dream Escape (2009)
Moonlit Masquerade (2010)
The Princess, the Sheik and the Swordsman (2011)
Swingin’ to the Top (2011)
Miami Flair (2012)
Jazz Club Jive (2013)
Princess and the Pea/ Chaos at the Cabaret (2014)
Main Stage Takes Manhattan (2014)
Hansel and Gretel (2015)
City Lights and Tango Nights (2016)
Dancing it Up in Downtown (2017)
Dancing Fancy Free (2018)
Cha Cha Ooh La La (2019)